A Play by Physical Monkey

Physical Monkey Camouflage Body Paint Poster
Camouflage Physical Monkey ©Pixner und Saar

Camouflage is a 2018 physical theatre solo-piece by Sabeth Dannenberg, aka Physical Monkey

It was highly inspired by the life and works of author Gioconda Belli.

Personally I have always felt, that at its core, this piece was inquiring about the reasons behind violence. What drives a woman towards taking up arms, and engaging in violence to achieve her goals? And what happens to her, once she gives up arms, and has to find her way back into a normal life and being a mother.

Musically, this marks the first time that I made extended use of the charango in a composition, a 5-course plucked instrument native to the Andes. The bodies of these instruments were traditionally made from armadillo shells, a practice which thankfully has been abandoned these days, to preserve the ever dwindling populations of these animals. Todays instruments are carved from single pieces of wood, but still retain a somewhat odd shape, resembling the armadillo shells. Mine was bought as a gift to me, by my friend and frequent collaborator, the filmmaker Martin Hawie in his native Lima, Peru.


Director/Performance/Conception: Sabeth Dannenberg

Outside Eye: Kristin Scheinhütte