Die Schwalben Fressen Mehl

A Play by Physical Monkey

Sabeth Dannenberg am chinesischen Mast in die Schwalben fressen Mehl
Die Schwalben fressen Mehl © Erich Saar

"Die Schwalben fressen Mehl" ('The swallows eat flour') marks the first time, that I was asked to compose the music for a physical monkey theater production. Physical monkey is the brainchild of Sabeth Dannenberg, an immensly talented physical theatre artist. Under the physical monkey moniker, she has developed a unique style of physical theatre. Her performances stand out for their seamless flow between artistic elements on the chinese pole, classical, theatrical elements, as well as mime and clownesque episodes.

Beneath the clownesque depiction of an old lady unfolds a surprisingly dark backstory, that might leave you with the feeling, that some injuries are just too severe to ever fully heal, no matter how old you get.


The music follows a very hands on approach, with me mostly improvising on various stringed instruments over a simple chord progression.