A Film by Martin Hawie & Laura Harwarth

Pjotr, nicknamed "TORO" for his bullish demeanor and physique, works as a callboy for lonely women. He is trying to save enough money to venture back to his home country Poland, to open up a boxing gym. His best friend Victor has a serious drug habit, which he also tries to finance by small scale prostitution, but ultimately he becomes indebted to a dangerous drug dealer. Pjotr is secretely in love with Víctor, but he remains unable to accept his homosexuality, due to his strong catholic faith and upbringing. Between Toros inner conflict, and the ever increasing pressure from the drug dealer, things seem to spiral towards a violent conclusion.

The film is a showcase for Martin and Lauras exceptional style of visual storytelling. It is most notable for its use of long, continuous shots, black and white photography and unconventional use of slow motion. The film was screened at the Berlinale 2016, in the category "Perspective On German Cinema".

The score is built around the electric guitar as its single source of sound. It draws from various musical influences, ranging from Nancy Sinatra to the oud virtuoso Naseer Shamma. Extensive use of a Violin-Bow and an E-Bow allowed me to produce sustained textures with gradual changes in timbre on the guitar.


Germany, 2015


Director: Martin Hawie & Laura Harwarth


Cast: Paul Wollin, Miguel Dagger

TORO - Prelude

TORO - Entr'acte

TORO - Epilogue