06. Juni 2023
Gentle Rupture (Cello, violadagamba + synth)
Solo Strings meet Moog + Modular
09. April 2023
The Heroic Lifes Of Birds
A Short And Playful Piece For String Quartet.
15. März 2023
Where Is My Island (Prepared Harpsichord, Accordion & Guzheng)
Prepared Harpsichord, breath sounds on the accordion, and a bendy little solo on the guzheng
24. Dezember 2022
Sleepless (Viola da Gamba, Guitar, Harpsichord & EBow)
EBow on a Harpsichord, a bit of guitar and simple melodies on the Viola da Gamba
07. Dezember 2022
Undereven (Violin, VioladaGamba + Guitar)
An experimental intro, derived from the undertone series, followed by a short, improvisational part for guitar and solo strings
28. November 2022
On A Swing (Viola da Gamba, Oud + Synthesizer)
A nostalgic piece about a childhood memory I never had. Featuring Viola da Gamba and Oud.
17. November 2022
Canon Fragment 1 (Violin +Viola da Gamba) with Bloopers
A short canon at the seventh for Violin and Viola da Gamba.
09. November 2022
Impromptu 2 (Viola da Gamba + Synthesizer)
A short "what if I made this today?", based on a film score I wrote back in 2015. It features Viola da Gamba and my trusted Moog Subsequent 37.
01. November 2022
Impromptu 1 (Viola da Gamba + Synthesizer)
A moody, improvisational piece, utilizing unconventional playing techniques on the Viola da Gamba over a beating drone on the Moog Subsequent 37
24. Oktober 2022
Rauschen 1 (EBow, Snaredrum + Synthesizers)
A short music composition with an experimental ebow + snaredrum recording-technique and some lush synthesizers.