Undereven (Violin, VioladaGamba + Guitar)

Undereven (Violin, Viola da Gamba + Guitar)

The Introduction of this piece is based on an experiment with the Undertone-Series on A 880Hz. The long drone in the high register is made of UT 1-4 and 6. The lower register is a phasing texture, consisting of six layers. Each layer repeats the pitch of one of the uneven undertones from UT 5 to 15 at a different speed. I really enjoy the tuning differences to the tempered tuning created by the use of the Undertone-series here. The second part of the piece is based around a semi-improvised guitar part, that is accompanied by solo-strings, bowed extremly close to the bridge. It has a kind of D phrygian tonality to it, that I always associate with Raga Mishra Bairavi. It might be, that I subconciously drifted towards phrygian here, because the first three intervalls of the phrygian mode are kind of suggested by the first three layers of the undertone texture during the introduction.