A Play by Sarah Giese

Sarah Giese portraits K in her theater adaptation of Kjersti A. Skomsvold novel 33
K - A Play by Sarah Giese

"K" is a theater adaptation of Kjersti A. Skomsvolds novel "33" by Sarah Giese.

It revolves around a woman dealing with her lung sickness, which will inevitably cause her to need a transplant. She also struggles to come to terms with her boyfriends suicide.

Sarah Giese excels at portraying a woman, who, for all her frailty, exhibts a great, quiet strength in simply moving forward.


The music is built around the idea of struggled breathing and life saving machinery. Many of these sounds are created by playing toneless air-sounds and percussive key-clicks on a gorgeous old Hofner-Accordeon, that was given to me by an aunt. The soundscaped is completed by Electric bass, Piano, Viola da Gamba and Synthesizers.