Future Is A Lonely Place

A Film by Martin Hawie & Laura Harwarth

Future Is A Lonely Place Movie Poster Die Zukunft ist ein einsamer Ort Filmplakat
Future Is A Lonely Place by Martin Hawie & Laura Harwarth

A man with no criminal record robs an armed transport, only to get himself arrested on the spot.

He struggles to adapt to prison life, and his presence remains an enigma to inmates and prison guards alike.

While he gets more and more entangled with the internal power struggle between two gangs of inmates, his own motifs are slowly revealed, and a dark secret from his past is brought to light.


Martin Hawie and Laura Harwarth tell a dark, yet melancholic story about family, loss and revenge. Among a great cast, Lucas Gregorowicz and Denis Moschito stand out as involuntary antagonists.


The score is build around polymetric concepts, and slow changing timbres. The sonic landscape is built from analog synthesizers and tape delays, complemented by solo-strings and orchestral textures, recorded with a chamber string-orchestra in Budapest.


Germany, 2021 Produced by Andreas Brauer, HUPE Filmfiktion Produktion


Director: M. Hawie & L. Harwarth



Lucas Gregorowicz

Denis Moschitto

Katharina Schüttler