A Play by Physical Monkey

Physical Monkey -  GAIA
GAIA - A Play by Physical Monkey © Erich Saar

GAIA marks yet another collaboration with Physical Monkey. After the long break for theater projects due to covid, I was especially happy, when this beautiful project finally materialized in 2021.

The piece, as I perceive it, deals with the search for a better future for mankind, and all that comes with it. On stage, Sabeth manages the incredible task of expressing naive, utopian optimism and ironic criticism at the same time, while a caring, but ultimately indifferent goddess watches over it all.


The music is shaped by my ever growing interest in contrapuntal forms and schemata, and their appliance to more contemporary musical idioms. It employs the Viola da Gamba extensively.
I also recorded a number of percussion instruments, such as the Korean Buk, Frame Drums, Footstomps and Claps as well as rhythmical breathing, shouts and some very basic Konnakol.
It features another piece for the charango, which has become sort of a trademark of my music for physical monkey productions.


Director/Performance/Conception: Sabeth Dannenberg

Outside Eye/Author: Kristin Scheinhütte